V. MAZYRIN Candidate of Historical Sciences While the progress of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) on the path of a market economy is generally recognized, customary to speak . As for the Western world led by the United States, Vietnam is still considered communist-type state. Is this really the case? When considering the process of establishing democracy in Vietnam, it should be borne in mind that, along with other factors, its development has always been hindered by the lack of sufficient historical prerequisites.1TRADITIONAL MECHANISMS AND NEW SECURITY MEASURES Until the late 1980s, the formation of democratic consciousness and political institutions was hindered by economic backwardness and cultural and informational isolation from the rest of the world. State governance was conducted in accordance with the traditions and practices of socialism and the centuries-old traditions and norms enshrined in Confucian ethics and the model of interaction between citizens and society. The transition to a market economy was accompanied by major changes in many areas of life. However, as far as political reforms are concerned, they were carried out much more slowly than economic transformations, and this is one of the characteristic features of Vietnam's modern socio-political development. In the face of serious external threats to the foundations of Vietnamese socialism, the ruling Communist Party relied on force methods and various prohibitions. Even today, she believes that the main elements of Western-style democracy, first of all political pluralism, contradict the existing system of government in the country and undermine the national culture and identity. And to think so, indeed, there are many good reasons. A number of Western states not only encourage anti-communist sentiments in the vast expatriate community, primarily in the United States, but also provide a variety of support to local dissidents in Vietnam itself. Calling for democratic procedures to be ob ... Read more

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