Politics, economics. INDIA IN WORLD POLITICS
For half a century of independent development, India has established itself as a state capable of influencing the course of world events. Its achievements and huge potential give reason to believe that it will turn into a great power in the foreseeable future. The changed balance of power in the world after the end of the Cold War marked the beginning of a new stage in human development. This is no longer the Cold War, but it is also not a new world order. The destruction of the bipolar world system has given all countries the task of creating a new structure of international relations and clarifying their place in it. It is already obvious that in the twenty-first century the world will not be unipolar, although there can be no return to the two-pole model. The current dominance of the United States in the world as the sole superpower does not mean that the international order will be "Pax Americana", because America does not have the real power and resources to rule alone a world in which the economic and political influence of other countries - European and Asian-is increasing. The accelerated process of globalization has brought geo-economic factors to the fore. Industrialized Countries seek to monopolize the Land's resources and secure access to the markets of developing countries. In addition, the North is doing everything possible to protect its own markets from the products of developing countries. Economic and political inequality in the world can hardly be the basis for smooth, conflict-free development. The deepening of such inequality (and so far there is no reason to believe that it is decreasing) can lead to new conflicts and confrontations. In addition, the global, regional, economic, and political consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union will continue to affect global processes for quite a long time with unpredictable results. INDIA AND GLOBALIZATION During the second half of the 20th century, the center of economic and political activity gra ... Read more

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Politics, economics. INDIA IN WORLD POLITICS

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