Yakshagana - "yaksh song", which is native to Karnataka, is a performance that combines singing, dialogue and dance. There is a legend that in ancient times it was performed by fabulous treasure keepers - yakshas. These warlike creatures were great musicians and dancers. It is even said that the king of the gods Indra danced in his childhood, imitating the yakshas. They were commanded by the lord of wealth Kubera. His abode - the wonderful city of Alaku-was surrounded by evergreen gardens and groves. Golden lotuses bloomed in the rivers and lakes, and the walls and roofs of houses were decorated with precious stones. Fierce yakshas guarded Kubera's domain. Yakshagana is more than 400 years old. It is performed by professional troupes belonging to temples. In the old days, there were about fifty of them; today, there are less than a dozen. Yakshagana is considered the best way to thank God for getting rid of a serious illness or other misfortune, so villagers often turn to temples to organize a performance. There are several hundred pieces performed in the Yakshagana style. They usually choose their subjects from the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Bhagavata Purana. The language of the plays is very simple. Epic texts are specially adapted for perception in vocal performance. The dance is represented by lively and at the same time graceful movements. Preference is given to performing in the dynamic tandava technique. A mandatory element of the style is battle scenes accompanied by frequent drumming. They use rotational movements, including those performed on the knees. Sign language is almost nonexistent. Facial expressions are natural. Numerous combinations of shapes are designed to reflect the mood of the hero. On the ankles of the dancers - several rows of bells, their ringing is very melodious. The order of the presented plots of the play is directed by the manager-bhagavata. He puts them in a random order, according to his own design. One of the most notable characte ... Read more

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